Battery Operated Smoke Alarms

The Pyrexx PX-1 is a stand-alone smoke alarm complying with EN 14604, equipped with a built-in long-term lithium battery. Through the sensor-controlled safety mechanism, an alarm is triggered only if there really is concrete evidence of a fire. Pyrexx products offer reliable protection against nuisance alarms and guarantee a defect-free device for a duration of 12 years..

Wireless Interlinked Smoke Alarms with Optional Input Output Alarm Relay (PX-AR)

Pyrexx wireless devices are particularly suitable for large or multi-storeyed houses or apartments, and can cover long transmission paths of more than 400 metres in open spaces (10 %). Thanks to the built-in long-term lithium batteries, annoying and expensive battery changes are no longer required.
The PX-AR Alarm Relay is an output and input module, which can be integrated into a PX-1C Smoke Alarm radio group.
When an alarm is triggered, the PX-AR controls external applications through a cable, e.g.: Acoustic or visual signals, Ventilation systems, Roller shutter systems, Home automation systems

Wireless Interlinked Smoke Alarms with Optional Internet Gateway (PX-IP)

The PX-iP interconnects the PX-1C Smoke Alarms with the internet through Wi-Fi or LAN cable. The gateway can be easily and intuitively configured and controlled by using the Pyrexx App.
An emergency power supply and the integrated SIM card ensure proper functionality even if there are internet connection problems. The Pyrexx App is free of charge for nonprofessional users and presents itself in an attractive and user-friendly design.

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