ELMDENE (by POTTER) Power Supplies & Accessories

Elmdene was established in 1963 and is based in Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. Elmdene aim is to provide cost-effective, innovative and high quality products backed by first class and ongoing support, whenever customers need it. Elmdene prides on the quality and reliability of our products, with virtually zero product returns.

Elmdene is accredited to BS EN9001:2008 for our quality management sytem and ISO 14001:2004 forour environmental management.

Elmdene Power Supplies are used in Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm & Other low voltage systems requiring battery backup.

Elmdene provides the following range of products which includes:

1. 12Vdc and 24Vdc Power Supplies
2. 12Vac and 24Vac Power Supplies
3. Power Over Ethernet
4. Magnetic Contact
5. Other Security Ancillaries like Magnetic Contact, Beacons & Speakers.

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POTTER Security System Accessories

Potters new PIR-TECT Motion Detectors are the most versatile external motion detectors in the industry. PIR-TECT simplifies project design by offering the ability to program a single device for short-range, mid-range, or long-range applications.

The PIR-TECTs flexible mounting height (up to 20 feet) and adjustable pan (180 degrees) and tilt (90 degrees) allow the view of a security camera and the PIR-TECT sensor to coincide, providing more accurate threat detection. Adjustable masking curtains allow for easy control over pattern of beam detection. A single PIR-TECT device can be programmed for ranges of 30, 65, or 98 feet, thus eliminating the need for multiple devices and reducing costs and inventory. Installation time is also reduced as the detection angle can be quickly adjusted with the sliding masking curtains. Utilizing advanced signal processing, PIR-TECT has exceptional resistance to false alarms which enhances detection and reduces unnecessary responses.

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